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Providing Michigan With Clean and Refreshing Water

Pure Aqua Tech is a growing, family-run business located in Alma, Michigan. We provide premium drinking water to commercial and industrial properties, with superior customer service and at an unbelievable price. Our bottleless water coolers help save money while saving the planet one water cooler at a time.

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Are you looking for a discrete yet high-tech dispensing option for your Pure Aqua Tech bottleless water cooler? Then ask us about the PSD sensor bar. This advanced sensor technology ensures water is only dispensed when you want it. With just a wave of the hand, your Pure Aqua Tech water cooler will dispense your water and then stop once you move your hand away. Quickly change between hot, cold, and ice options by hovering over each option to change the dispensing operation. This sensory bar sits atop each of our water coolers and provides your office with a safe, clean way of dispensing water.

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WS 12000

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ws 12000 bottleless water and ice cooler product image

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WS 9000 CT

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Why Go Bottleless?

Pure Aqua Tech is on a mission to save the world from plastic by encouraging businesses to go bottleless. To put it into perspective, about 335 million metric tons of plastic are produced in a year. Only 20% of that is recycled, leaving the remaining 80% to pollute landfills and flow into our oceans. By switching to our water coolers, you take a stand for the planet that can’t stand for itself.

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Eliminates the Impurities and Chemicals

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Reduces the Amount of Carbon Emissions

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Saves Money by Going Bottleless

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