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Pure Aqua Tech offers bottleless water coolers and water and ice coolers for your office or commercial space. Our systems help keep employees happy and hydrated by delivering pure hot or cold water on-demand. No more toxins, spills, or plastic waste. Just pure, fresh water.

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Keep your employee’s productivity up by providing them clean, cold drinking water. Pure Aqua Tech’s water systems tap right into the tap water, taking it through the highest-quality of filtration and purification, including reverse osmosis. It’s the perfect solution for any breakroom.

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Set a new standard of healthy living by bringing our water coolers to your school. Not only will it help students stay hydrated, but it is also the perfect education tool to teach the minds of the future the importance of living plastic-free.

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Health Care

As a health care center, your main priority is your patient’s health. Don’t contaminate that by providing contaminated water. After 99% of the impurities from your tap water are removed, our water coolers store the purified water in a sanitary holding tank closed off to any outside pollution.

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Set yourself apart from the competition by providing a drinking station in your retail space. Our hydration solution helps keep customers happy, hydrated, and coming back for more. Plus, you can help minimize plastic waste by offering a bottleless solution!

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There’s a reason sports drinks are used during workouts. They’re full of electrolytes making them super hydrating! Our bottleless water coolers offer the same benefits, but without the sugar, making them the perfect addition to your fitness center.

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Nursing Homes

Water is a need, just like injury safety and a clean living environment. Don’t let it go unprioritized! Keep your residents happy by offering them a refreshing solution to bottled water. Our bottleless water systems provide remineralized, toxin-free, rejuvenating water and ice at the touch of a button.

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